Unconfirmed: Regime Loyalists to Attack British Embassy

British EmbassyImage by Sebastian Bergmann via Flickr

There are unconfirmed reports that Ahmadi Nezad and loyalists to the regime are going to possibly storm the British Embassy. So far the regime has been facilitating the idea that Western powers such as the US, Isreal and particularly Britain, are behind the protests that have brought the country to a halt in the past week. If this occurs it will be reminiscent of the 79 revolution when the US embassy was stormed. I can't emphasize this enough, regime extremists are rumored to be planning this, NOT OPPOSITION PROTESTORS. Apparently the crazies would like nothing more than to give a western power to actually take military action against the current government. This is along with reports from yesterday that the Iranian air force started conducting war games in the Persian Gulf.
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