A Picture is Worth a Million Votes

Basij = 5,000,000 Rial

Rigging Iranian Election = 10,000,000 Rial

Blowing the Whole Thing Because Some Asshole Can't do Math?


Some things money can't buy, for everything else, there's is abuse of power and fear through violence and opression.

Maybe someone should tell them about VISA . . .
When I saw this picture and the explanation, I almost wet myself. What you are seeing is a candidate LOSING more than 100,000 votes while votes are being counted. I don't mean that he slipped in the polls, I mean his votes straight dissapeared mysteriously as time went on, and it was broadcast on live television. Way to go there Supreme Ruler. Maybe next time you want to try and pull one over on a country filled with people carrying degrees in science, engineering and mathmatics, you might want to bust out the calculator. Just a thought.
here is the quoted text for the image:
Next time they try to fool the people they better not be fools themselves. How can someone’s votes dip while counting. And how can all the candidates lose in their home states. For those of you that don’t understand these numbers: then you can read the times on the upper screen and lower. The third candidates votes decreased while counting. Spread it around!