Saturday, Bloody Saturday

It's happening. Right now in the streets of Iran, thick, black smoke fills the air, gunshots ring out, and the revolutionaries don't run, they scream martyrdom and surge toward the police. I do not know if I will ever wittness such a heart breaking scene in the rest of my days walking this earth. Even now, as I type, my eyes well up with tears as brothers and sisters I will never know make the ultimate sacrifice in search for freedom.

It started with a blast at the shrine of the first Supreme Leader of Iran, Khomeini. A suicide bomber acting as the opening to what is still a very long and bloody day. But, the bomber's sentiment was widely expressed and echoed by many revolutionaries, and Even Moussavi himself. Announcing he had "prepared for martyrdom" Moussavi gave his "followers" the green light for revolution. Unafraid of death, angry at a government they know has lied to them, and weary of the theocratic oppression, they demand to have their country back, at any cost. Videos show clashes with Basij, riot police and the gaurd, the people chant "death to the dictator" and "death to Khamenei". When the report of AK-47s rings out and people fall, they chant even louder, only now cries of martyrdom blend with the rythmic chants. This is why the Iranian people will succeed in winning their freedom.

There are more people in Iran willing to die for freedom, than there are those willing to kill them. The Iranian people march with purpose and ignore the fear of death, preparing themselves to pay the ultimate price if neccessary. Last night the message boards were teeming with people who were recieving "good-bye emails" from their friends in Iran. Many of those people do not expect to come home, the fully expect to die in the pursuit of liberty and justice. No dictatorship can stand against such a will, forged by oppression and now tempered with the fire of revolution. It is clear now that Khamenei is afraid, his sermon yesterday made that painfully apparent. He can feel his power slipping, and the only way he knows how to hold onto it is through brutal violence, all while hiding behind the veil of righteousness. But greed and lust for power cannot hide behind a cloak of holy deception forever, and Khamenei's garb is now quite transparent. Even now, the majority of police, Basij and Repulic Gaurd watch over the city of Tehran, protecting the Ayatollah from those who scream for his death in the streets.


While I can feel my heart breaking at the sight, I also feel a swell of inspiration and pride. Freedom comes at only one cost, and it is not cheap, and certainly not paid with ease, but the citizens of Iran pay it gladly. In a homeland I have never seen, brave men and women I will never know lay down their lives for a better future. Today the people of Iran show the world how liberty is won.