Latest Iran Uprising Videos 6/19

The latest from Iran. First a video showing security officials ransacking what looks like a commercial property of some sort, then, protestors in the street clashing with security officials. The next is UK Channel 4 coverage of Khamenei's sermon, which is not subtle in the slightest with it's threats.

To anyone who thinks that the US asserting itself in this situation right now is a good idea, then you might want to watch that video one more time. Khamenei and other hard-line extremists use America and the West as a political hot button to rally their base. By making provacative statements right now, the US would only strengthen people like Khamenei and Ahmedinajad. I clearly need to go into more depth on this issue, as people on both sides of the isle, including some Iranian American people I know, have asked me why Obama has not stepped in yet. The answer is seemingly complicated unless you are familiar with the history of relations between Iran and America for the past 60 years. It is going to be a long article, so it will be a few hours.