Combatant Clergy Condemn Regime

Clergy 1Image by celesteh via Flickr

This letter is realeased by the Organization of Combatant Clergy inside of Iran. A highly respected and integral part of the Islamic system. They condemn the regime for violence, dishonesty, corruption, and above all, a perversion of their religion:

"Millions of informed and decent people who believe that their votes have been tampered with, and that their intellect has been insulted, and for the defence of their rights and dignity have in a spontaneous manner come into the streets to express their pain and sense of oppression. You (the regime) insult them, and have stolen thousands of them from the streets and from their homes and taken them to unknown places. You have attacked the students and to these people who call out God is Great or Ya Hossein - you attack them like Moghuls.
You dare to blame these attacks on the people themselves.
We strongly support Mr. Mousavi - especially against the accusations that all the unrest and damage is due to his actions. This damage is the responsibility of those who turned our city into a barracks. They should be identified, arrested and charged."

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