New Video from Iran

Looks new but there is no way to confirm. The reason I say it looks new is because there were no reports of protesters actually setting up physical barricades that I saw previously. This does not mean that they didn't earlier, I just think we would have heard or seen something about it. In addition, this seems to indicate that the protester's patience with peaceful dissent is waning, and I can hardly blame them. The brutal and honest truth of the matter is this: the regime will not be toppled with peaceful protests and stones alone. They did the right thing, they tried to make their voices heard in a peaceful way, and their government has shot them in the street, stolen them from their homes at night and tortured them in ruthless ways. The regime has given their response to peace, I believe it is only a matter of time before the protesters cease being protesters and become resistance militants. Like or not, it is the only way they will ever have their freedom.