Tomorrow There Will be Blood

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Khamenei calls the election an "aboslute victory" and threatens violence for usurpers of the peace. While this is a very big development, it is unfourtunately not a surprise. Amnesty international released a statement stating that the sermon "indicates the authorities' readiness to launch violent crackdowns if people continue to protest which may cause a widespread loss of life." This thing is going to take a turn for the worst, but there is a silver lining.

To anyone paying attention, the only outcome was Khomenei's inevitable condemnation of dissedents and a resounding confirmation of election results. To actually have an investigation would uncover what the people already know, Khamenei and his government rigged the election to maintain the political power in their country. Taking any stance other than hardline, would weaken the Ayatollah's position. The only solution he sees to this problem, is to crack down on protestors before they get the idea in their head to overthrow the government entirely. One Iranian student, sobbing on the phone after hearing the sermon, was quoted as saying "tomorrow there will be blood". Indeed, if the protestors march tomorrow, with no permits and the latest rebuke from the supreme leader, the Basij will show no restraint at all. The clubs will be traded for guns, and innocent people in search of a better life will die. Such are the begginings of revolution in a country starved for freedom.

Congress passed a resolution today, 450-1 condemning the Iranian government's coming crackdown on it's people. While house Republican's meant it as a veiled slight towards Obama's position on Iran, they fail to realize that now is near to the right time to take a stance. Once a full blown revolution breaks out in Iran, we can support the opposition, but we should do it quietly. Through logistics and intelligence, not through hot headed rhetoric that looks good for the cameras. Many prominent republicans agree with Obama's approach to Iran (as does one of the former hostages from 79), Kissinger, Peggy Noonan, Dick Luger, and the list goes on. A side note to show-boating Republicans: please drink a nice tall glass of STFU.

That will be all. Much more to come today, so much to write about. Stay posted.

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