That Bullet That Killed Your Loved One, Yeah, That'll be $3,000.

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When 19 year old Kaveh Alipour was shot dead in protests Saturday, the last thing they expected was to have to pay a "bullet fee" of $3,000 in order to retrieve the body of the only son, but that is exactly what happened. Read the full story here, once again at the Wall Street Journal, where their reporting is rarely found wanting.

When my little brother asked me why the regime would do something so obviously hurtful and insulting to a family in mourning, the answer came quite easily. The regime is attempting to make the prospect of defying the government so awful, that no one will want to do it. If they can demoralize the people enough to dwindle their numbers and make them less of a threat, then they will be able to arrest those truly dangerous individuals with resolve and deliver a crushing blow to the resistance. Moral, and a strong blow to moral can be very potent weapons in an arsenal of psychological warfare, and that is just what the theocratic regime is attempting to employ. Bullets alone cannot defeat an enemy, so they will attempt to break the heart, minds and ultimately, the will of the people.

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