Neda's Family Forced From Home

In the latest from the gaurdian (a uk journalism site) a harrowing story tells the heart breaking tale of Neda's family. The 26 year old girl that was gunned down in the streets Saturday and caught on film is now being hailed by the Iranian media as a Basij militia martyr. The propaganda reports many different stories, one of them being that a BBC journalist hired protesters to kill her for a documentary.

As if the tragedy of losing their daughter was not enough, the family was not even allowed to follow Persian custom in greiving, being told that they were not allowed to hold a memorial service or even hang a black banner outside their window (signifying the death of a loved one). When the authorities realized that the neighbors of Neda's family was becoming enraged for them, they ordered the family out of their home, presumably to prevent them from talking to the people closest to them. Imagine, your daughter dies, the government keeps her body and denies your family a funeral service, and then comes to your home and kick you out. That is what her family is enduring right now.

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