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Not that anyone is surprised by the announcement made by the Guardian Council, but the election results have been confirmed following what was evident and blatant voter fraud.

Now comes the moment of truth for those who put their lives on the line in Iran, in an effort to tell their leaders they wanted the truth. Instead of compromise or reconciliation, these unarmed and peaceful citizens were brutally beaten to death, shot, hacked to pieces, thrown off bridges and tortured in ways that we generally only see in B-flick movies. Moussavi, the reluctant leader of this movement has not been seen in more than a week, and former President Rafsanjani has been out of sight, supposedly trying to rally political support in rural areas. In addition to draconian crackdowns on its own citizens, the Iranian government has also returned to old tactics, storming the British embassy and detaining all of it's members; while 5 have been released, 4 still remain in custody. The government is anxious to change the subject from the epic failure of leadership to trumped up rhetoric about the great Satans of the west. While it may seem that the Iranian people are losing momentum, do not be fooled. A revolution takes time, and far to many seeds of distrust, animosity and grief have been sown for this to ever go away. Rest assured, there will be much more to follow as the weeks and months pass by. While things may have quieted down (largely due to the severing of communication and mass arrests), this is only the beginning. The people will not forget, nor will they forgive what their clerical government has done to them. The days of the Islamic Republic are numbered.
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Michael Lawson said...

How very unsettling, and yet unsurprising. I'm sure such a thing would never happen in America... oh.. wait...