Friday Bloody Friday

more photo's of todays chaos #iranelectionImage by .faramarz via Flickr

It is starting to look like the government is going to try and make an example of dissidents today in Iran. In an article by the New York Times:

The vigilantes plan to take their fight into the daylight on Friday, with the public relations department of Ansar Hezbollah, the most public face of the Basij, announcing that they planned a public demonstration to expose the “seditious conspiracy” being carried out by “agitating hooligans.”

I cannot say I am surprised. I imagine the Supreme Leader's sermon will be the queue for the Basij to implement whatever plan they have in store. I am sure the sermon will have a macabre symmetry, with the Ayatollah preaching about the swift justice of god against those who would question their divinely appointed leadership or something equally assanine.
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