Protesters March on Parliament

Today in Tehran, a large group of protesters marched on the Parliament building as an act of defiance against the regime that has only increased their violence in an attempt to prevent further public protests. The Iranian government is obviously ignorant to the fact that the more they brutalize their own people, the worse it's going to be for them. The people now see Khamenei as a butcher, not a religious leader, this is compounded by what they see as corruption in their government when state TV spews lies, claiming that Neda (the girl gunned down in the street Saturday) was a terrorist. The news from Iran has slowed to a trickle, but what we do know is that the government's violence against its own people is only escalating in the worst sense. Iran, once a model social structure in the middle east has now become no better than Somalia. The Basij (and reports of Hezbollah militia) are no better than the thugs who rape women and hack them to pieces.

To see images of the march on the Iranian Parliament click here.