Iran Protest Videos

These are some of the new protest videos coming out of Iran today. The fact that there is any video coming out of that country at all is a testament to technology and the well educated individuals in Iran who know how to wield it far more effectively than their own government.

News also comes in that Iran's former Foriegn Minister, Yazadi, (an outspoken opponent of the current leadership in Iran) was taken from his hospital bed and moved to a prison.

"Ibrahim Yazdi was arrested at 3:00 pm today in the Pars Hospital in Tehran. He was hospitalized yesterday because of some health complications. He and close to about 100 others were taken from the hospital to Evin prison."

I found this video to be a good reflection of the resolve the opposition protestors have in Iran. The translation is as follows: "She is saying that they can take our phones, our internet, all our communication away, but we are showing that by saying "allaho akbar" we can find each other. She ends it my saying that tonight they are crying out to god for help."

All of this while what passes for an Attorney General in Iran warned people today that protestors would be executed under Islamic law. I imagine this will only enrage the what is now shaping up to be revolutionary movement, even further. One Iranian government official was quoted saying "the people have lost their fear". Quite a frightening prospect for a government that rules through fear. What follows will hopefully be a shining example of what happens when the government fears its people as it should. As Thomas Jefferson said "The tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants from time to time".

Looks like the Iranian people are about to tend to their garden.